Whether you’re starting out, young family, established family, retiree or single, Laird Financial can assist you in reaching your financial goals and dreams.

Our Services

insurance to cover all your needs

Life Insurance

Reassure your loved ones that they will be looked after now and in the future with Life Insurance protection.

Term Plans

Temporary Life Insurance coverage that lasts for a set period of time and automatically renews in most cases. Choose the period of time that best works for you.

PAR Plans

Lifelong Life Insurance protection for your family that has the potential to grow tax free and build cash values.

Universal Life Plans

Lifelong Life Insurance protection for your family. There are two parts to a universal life insurance policy: insurance and investment. You choose your investments and the policy can accumulate tax-free, within limits set by the government.

Disability Insurance

Protect your income. Disability works when you can’t. It can provide tax free monthly income to help pay expenses if an illness or accident stops you from working.  

Critical Illness Insurance

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness, focus on recovery with support from critical illness insurance. Critical Illness Insurance pays a tax-free, lump-sum benefit after satisfying the waiting period.

Individual Health & Dental Insurance

Choose a health & Dental Plan based on what matters to you. Underwritten plans and Guaranteed Acceptance plans.

Travel Insurance

Get help that covers unexpected expenses where ever you travel.

Long Term Care Insurance

Receive a monthly benefit, tax-free, if you become functionally dependent after satisfying a waiting period.

Specialty Products

Simplified & Guaranteed Issue Products